Céline's Frame Bag
7 August 2017

Céline’s Frame Bag

I haven’t really been liking anything from Céline for a long time now, since the introduction of the Luggage Tote (which I think is still super relevant today, and I’m still in love with). I decided to check it out once again – that was when I saw this Frame Bag. Of course, in my books, it still can’t rival the Luggage Tote, but I actually like this bag. Okay so maybe, just maaaaybe I may not have given this bag a chance, if I didn’t have back problems that are basically forcing me to look at smaller bags (which I haven’t found that interesting despite them being “on trend” right now). Yep, that’s definitely the sole reason I’m on the small bags hunt, and oh, being small alone just doesn’t cut it, because I need them to be lightweight too, to ease the burden off my back. Needless to say, this new “lifestyle” is still something I’m getting used to, and this Frame bag certainly checks all the boxes for me – and in this case, the thick shoulder strap certainly helps to distribute the weight of the bag more evenly so it’s less taxing on my shoulders and back. And fine, yes, I have to admit that the colour blocking and bi-colour scheme was definitely one of the main reasons why I’ve shortlisted this bag on my small bags list. heh.

Image via Céline

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