Cartier's New Envelope Bag!
3 May 2013

Cartier’s New Envelope Bag!

Cartier has debuted a new bag, and yes, you heard right! While it’s true that the renowned French brand is known for its luxury timepieces and fine jewellery, it does have a few classic bags to its name too!
Very simply called the Envelope bag, it’s intended to resemble a letter from Cartier, “a bag intended to deliver at any moment”.

Thanks to the adjustable strap, this Envelope is certainly versatile: it can be worn either in on the Shoulder, slung in your arm, or even as a clutch or hand-carry bag.

Made of goatskin, it’s available 3 colours: Red with gilded metal fittings, the Limited-Edition Mahogany with palladium-coated metal fittings, and Black with palladium-coated metal fittings. Available for RM 5,150 at Cartier KLCC. 

Photo credits courtesy of: Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier 2012