Bottega Veneta's "Marie" Bag For Pre-Fall 2019
6 September 2019

Bottega Veneta’s “Marie” Bag For Pre-Fall 2019

One of the highlights for Pre-Fall 2019 at Bottega Veneta is this latest squarish shoulder bag with a brushed gold pushbutton clasp at its centre set on a leather band that goes completely around the bag. Known as the Marie, this is what I dub as minimalistic modernity, and in line with Creative Director Daniel Lee’s design aesthetic thus far.

The shoulder strap on the Marie has a pretty interesting adjustable feature: all you have to do is to snap open the engraved gilded casings, and once you’ve adjusted the strap to your desired length, snap it once more to fasten the closures.  The centre clasp is placed on both sides of the bag, so you can easily access the contents of your bag regardless which side faces outwards.

Looks can certainly be deceiving and that’s the case with the Marie because what may look as a rather no-frills and simple bag, there’s much more than meets the eye, especially in terms of craftsmanship. The clasp is no regular pushlock-typed closure, and is way more complicated than you think it is. In fact, it actually utilises an engraving technique known as guilloché, which is often used in luxury watchmaking on the watch’s dial, as well as fine jewellery-making. Composed of 19 pieces (yep, you read that right), each clasp takes approximately 2 days for artisans to assemble by hand.

Marie is available in Cachemire Calf suede, or soft nappa.


Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta