Bottega Veneta's Limited Edition Bag Eco-Friendly Bag for Fashion's Night Out!
6 September 2012

Bottega Veneta’s Limited Edition Bag Eco-Friendly Bag for Fashion’s Night Out!

Today’s the day! It’s time for Fashion’s Night Out. And it’s at these very times that I really wish I was in New York, London, or rather, any other participating city for Fashion’s largest simultaneous event. But no, I’m stuck here in KL. Will someone create a teleporting machine already, because with the time difference, I could actually go to ALL the FNO cities. Heh. Alright, I won’t be greedy, to be there for one would be a mighty awesome experience already. Hm, perhaps I should consider heading to New York Fashion Week next year before my visa expires.

Bottega Veneta introduces a group of eco-friendly handbags made from vegan materials and environmentally-friendly dyeing and finishing processes. Handcrafted by the brand’s artisans, this line of handbags, scheduled to be released only in late-Fall, Bottega Veneta has decided to make only 100 of these bags available at selected Bottega Veneta boutiques worldwide, for Fashion’s Night Out (i.e. TODAY!!)

“I decided to make the jersey and paper bags after speaking with customers who wanted sophisticated, handcrafted bags that are non-leather and earth-friendly,” says Creative Director Tomas Maier. “We are a luxury lifestyle brand known for our handcrafted leather goods—obviously we don’t claim to be vegan. But Bottega Veneta has always worked to limit its environmental footprint, and we like to respond to the needs of our customers. This was an exciting challenge and I’m delighted with the way the collection turned out.”

The bag will retail for £1,400 in the UK.

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Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta