BAA x Dior: The Making Of Dior's Diorama Bag
31 March 2015

BAA x Dior: The Making Of Dior’s Diorama Bag

What a week of collaborations this is turning out to be! Yesterday, it was the second part of my Repetto collaboration, and today, it’s Part 2 of my Dior collaboration! In both these cases, I was the ONLY Malaysian blogger selected for these Malaysia-wide campaigns! I’m extremely grateful towards the brands for believing in me!!

You’ve seen the Bag Addicts Anonymous x Dior Video Exclusive and now, without further ado, here’s a close look at how the Diorama bag is made, thanks to photographic stills taken at the Dior atelier.

Once again, special thanks to the Dior team for selecting Bag Addicts Anonymous as the ONLY Malaysian blogger for the video and photos exclusive!

Images courtesy of Dior