Anya Hindmarch's Ephson Space Invaders Shoulder Flap Bag
1 July 2016

Anya Hindmarch’s Ephson Space Invaders Shoulder Flap Bag

Anya Hindmarch has always been all about fun and quirk, but Ever since the Kellogg’s collection, she has upped the ante in a very significant way. A pioneering trendsetter in her own right, her All Over Stickers collection has given birth to a new trend, and virtually everyone these days, be it luxury, and even the high street brands have some sort of sticker or patch-like item, in some form or other.

Her Autumn/Winter 2016 video games inspired collection, is one of my favourites. Perhaps it’s because I’m a child of the 80s, (oops have I just almost revealed my age? :P) I’ve played these very games – Space Invaders and Pac Man – which Anya pays tribute to, with this collection. Familiar references certainly help, but I guess what I really love most is because these critters are made to look pixelated, just like how it was in the game, due to the technological limitations way back in that era. And yes, while there variants of the same lil alien/spider thingy you see here, I chose this particular Ephson Space Invaders Shoulder Flap bag in leather and Shearling and not the others because it’s in multicoloured pixels, which, you know, is so ME. 😉 I love it so much that I wouldn’t even mind that the Shearling shoulder guard bit is gonna be a little hot when worn on the shoulder, especially in this weather. Lol

Available at RM 7,990 at Anya Hindmarch KLCC and Pavilion

Image courtesy of Anya Hindmarch