Mansur Gavriel Debuts Oversized Tie-Dye Totes
22 June 2020

Mansur Gavriel Debuts Oversized Tie-Dye Totes

Mansur Gavriel has debuted the  Oversized Tie Dye Totes crafted from soft Italian lambskin. Available in either Degas Blue or Puff (Pastel pink), this open-top  oversized tote,  comes with a raw interior and a detachable zipped pouch. Because each tote is hand dyed, no two totes are exactly the same, thus making each one, a unique piece on its own.

Mansur Gavriel Pink Tie Dye Tote

Oh, and since June is PRIDE month, the folks at Mansur Gavriel are offering a customisation service, should you like a handpainted rainbow motif on it.

Mansur Gavriel Tie Dye Handprinted Rainbow Pride Month Customisation

What a perfect Springtime or Summery piece this makes!  This Tie Dye Oversized Tote is more like a shopper, in which you can dump everything, including your beach towels if you’re heading to the beach; your laptop and documents;  your clothes if you’re going to spend the night at your gal pal’s; groceries if you’re one who likes to shop in style; or even diaper changes, changing mats, bottles and baby formula, if you’re a mum!


Images: Mansur Gavriel