Serpui's Flamingo Straw Clutch
28 December 2017

Serpui’s Flamingo Straw Clutch

I know that it’s the Holiday season right now, and your mind is probably on turkeys because that’s what we’ve all been stuffing our faces with over Christmas, but let me bring you back to my favourite bird of the moment … the flamingo! Ya’ll already know I’m OBSESSED with anything that has anything to do with this pretty pink birdie, so what more when it actually takes the form and shape of a flamingo? Plus, you all know I’m a fan of some quirk and whimsy so when I saw this straw clutch that comes with a gold chain crossbody strap, I just had to feature it right here.

And just look how much cuter it looks with the strap? Granted, it isn’t exactly the most practical of bags, because while it certainly is roomy enough to fit our smartphones, you can’t exactly wear this bag with more delicate fabrics just in case they get caught onto any fibres and snag your precious outfits, like say, a silk or satin dress. But hey, for novelty’s sake, I definitely wouldn’t mind this cutie by SERPUI, a São Paolo-based designer with her namesake label!

Available for $445 via Farfetch

Images via Farfetch