Tory Burch's Spring'18 Balloon Stripe Half-Moon Satchel
23 March 2018

Tory Burch’s Spring’18 Balloon Stripe Half-Moon Satchel

For Spring 2018, Tory Burch sought inspiration from legendary interior designer, David Hicks. The result? Lots of bold, multicoloured graphic stripes, which Tory has called the “Balloon Stripe”, permeates the entire collection, from ready-to-wear pieces like breezy dresses and caftans, to espadrilles, and even accessories.

Bold. Audacious. Brilliant. David Hicks redefined interiors. His fearless and witty take on color and print, and his exquisite attention to detail, have made a lasting impression on me. For Spring/Summer 2018, we are honored to work with the legendary designer’s original scrapbooks, given to us by his son. Immeasurable thanks to Ashley Hicks for this collaboration. — Tory Burch

I’m a sucker for graphic prints, and yes, I love stripes (ask any of my friends and they’d tell you I have lots of striped pieces in my closet, especially when it comes to clothing. That said, let me introduce you to the latest Half-Moon Balloon Stripe Satchel…

Tory Burch Spring 18 Half Moon Satchel

A reinterpretation of one of Tory Burch’s classic shapes, this half-moon satchel is what I’d like to call a “magic bag”. What I mean by this, is that it’s super roomy, and because it’s slouchy, it’s somewhat “expandable”. The more you stuff in your bag, the bulkier it becomes, and the better it looks… well, at least in my opinion. When it comes to bags like these, it really doesn’t look that great if you have too little in your bag. This is why these sorts of bags make perfect travel companions because you can fit a bottle of water, a cardi or a shawl, your wallet, 7″ tablet, phone, powerbank, travel documents, and probably still have space in there to sneak a sandwich into it (check out the image below) … See what I mean? 😉

Tory Burch Spring 18 Half Moon Balloon Stripe Satchel Interior


Constructed using a combination of leathers, calf hair, jacquard, and patent leather, this satchel comes with a detachable crossbody strap. Okay, okay, let’s address the elephant in the room right here. I know some of you are thinking that these multicoloured graphic stripes remind you of Balenciaga’s Bazar bag, and yes, even when I’m a total Balenciaga fangirl, I’m sorry to say that I still can’t shake off that “market bag” vibe, and this is why, I prefer this Tory satchel over a Bazar, any day. Plus, this is more friendly on the wallet too!


Images courtesy of Tory Burch