Reveal & Review: Pastel Limited Edition Cambridge Satchel
28 July 2012

Reveal & Review: Pastel Limited Edition Cambridge Satchel

On Monday morning, I woke up to a rather lovely delivery from the FedEx peeps…

Yup, it’s my very own Cambridge Satchel from the Limited Edition Pastel series. I know in the photo above (taken in daylight) the satchel looks more like baby pink, but it’s actually Lilac (see pics below for actual colour).  I know that it’s usually custom made and that you’re supposed to allow for 30 days for your satchel to be made, but because it’s a Limited Edition piece, you get it much quicker. In fact, I got mine in under a week inclusive of shipping all the way to Malaysia!

If you’re planning to use this as a laptop bag, I suggest getting the bigger size because, although mine is a 13″ Satchel, and I’m only using an 11″ MacBook Air, it’s still quite a tight fit, and my laptop can only fit inside diagonally due to the structure of the bag. But since I’m not going to use it for my laptop, 13″ is fine. 🙂

Ah, and at this point, you might be wondering why I have the strap undone, and the the other side of the strap all rolled up and tied up with a Dior ribbon. Well, that’s because messenger bags aren’t really my style and for those of you who know me personally, you’d agree with me on this as I’m more of a hand-carry arm-slung kinda girl when it comes to bags. So, instead, I plan to use it as a clutch! While most of you would say that a 13″ is too big for a clutch, especially for something that looks so boxy, I say, it’s a perfect oversized clutch for day use! ;D I’m loving the Cambridge satchel to bits!