Limited Edition Cambridge Satchels: Now In Pastels!
14 July 2012

Limited Edition Cambridge Satchels: Now In Pastels!

The Cambridge Satchel, also known as the most affordable It Bag of the decade, is now available in pretty pastels! Take a break from all the neons that are out there, and opt for these pastel Limited Edition These pastel shades actually remind me of ice cream flavours, and there isn’t a colour out of the four that I don’t Love! In fact it’s so pocket-friendly, that you can get them ALL! 😉

Clockwise from Left to Right: Duck-Egg Blue, Rose Pink, Lemon and Lilac

In fact, I have been personally been wanting to get my hands on a Cambridge Satchel, but I never really got round to doing it because there are just so many colours available I don’t know which one I want!  I won’t get them all because I’m not really a satchel kinda gal, and those of you who know me personally can attest to this, but now that the colours are so pretty, I might consider pre-ordering one to use as a clutch, or as a trendy laptop bag to carry my MacBook Air around in when I go for meetings. And hey, it is after all a Limited Edition that wouldn’t burn a hole in my wallet.

Pre-Order available at the Cambridge Satchel Company website

Image via @Cambridge Satchel Co