Cambridge Satchel Company Collaborates with Dr. Martens for Fall/Winter 2011-12
10 September 2011

Cambridge Satchel Company Collaborates with Dr. Martens for Fall/Winter 2011-12

The Cambridge Satchel Company had its humble beginnings specialising in leather satchels, particularly for school or the office. What was once a utilitarian type of bag, has recently, especially in these 2 years, perhaps due to the comeback of the satchel, exploded into a sought after bag, and coveted even by the fashion glitterati (read: fashion editors)

Notice “Dr. Martens” is embossed beneath the “window” of the satchel

The Cambridge Satchel Company has recently collaborated with Dr. Martens (yes a purely British collaboration indeed) for the Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection, which is a line produced exclusively for Dr. Martens. The Dr. Martens x Cambridge Satchel Company collection consists of 11″ and 15″ satchels. Most of them are in solid colours (as shown above) but this floral one below is definitely based on the more girly Dr. Martens boot. While on the shoe it looks as a contrast between hard/soft, masculine/feminine, the print on the bag makes it super sweet, exuding a very English countryside type of feel, or what I like to call the Laura Ashley look.

Retails at GBP 117  just slightly more expensive than a regular Cambridge Satchel

However, it’s a little too much for me — perhaps it would be a wiser move NOT to cover the whole bag in those flowers, and I’d prefer it more if the “middle section” (i.e. the part that sticks out, where the “window” is and onto which the straps are attached) was left untouched in solid white. I mean, with the flowers everywhere, the details and design of the bag (and what makes the distinctive design of the Cambridge Satchel) have been concealed and the “Dr. Martens” embossing below the window can’t even be seen! What do YOU think?

Images via Dr.