Salvatore Ferragamo's New Viva Bow Bag
31 July 2020

Salvatore Ferragamo’s New Viva Bow Bag

You’ve seen Salvatore Ferragamo’s new Viva PumpsNow, the Maison introduces the latest addition to the Viva family: the Viva Bow Bag, which complements the pointy-toed shoes perfectly. Or, if you’re feeling bold, you can colour block with the shoe and bag (which is something we personally l0ve to do! 😉 )

Salvatore Ferragamo Viva Bag on Models

Inspired by the success of the Viva shoe, introduced in 2019, the Viva Bow Bag, designed by Creative Director Paul Andrew, is a flap-top shoulder bag with a magnetic closure with 2 roomy compartments and a detachable shoulder strap. Just like the shoe, the iconic grosgrain bow has been replaced with a version in lightly padded soft nappa leather, with both the bow, hardware, and chain shoulder strap in tone-on-tone style (including the stitching!), creating a seamless, monocoloured bag that is available in 2 sizes.

The Viva Bow bag is the latest addition to a new generation of Ferragamo design that forwards our house’s storied heritage of innovation. As with the Viva shoe, our starting point was the realisation that while each new generation is distinct, individual and shaped by its time, every new generation also begins in a context created by that which came before it. The bow is a motif that ties Ferragamo to its past, gives context to its present, and offers infinite opportunities to be explored in the future. I’m excited to see how our Ferragamo family will play the already well-received Viva shoe against the Viva bow bag – whether matching, complementary, or contrasting, the choice of colour and fabrication combinations that can be played between the two categories is kaleidoscopically broad. Like its older sister the Viva shoe, the new Viva bow bag is na encapsulation of Ferragamo’s future, one that is inclusive, dynamic and progressive. It is also rooted in the best of what we as a family artisanal house have long worked to be ~ Paul Andrew ~


Images and video courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo