Prada's "The Postman Dreams" Series
14 April 2015

Prada’s “The Postman Dreams” Series

Prada‘s latest video series, entitled The Postman Dreams directed by Autumn de Wilde consists of 5 short films: “The Postman”, “The Makeout”, “The Battlefield”, “The Tree”, and “The Laundromat”. This series of shorts focuses on The Galleria Bag (also known as the Saffiano Lux Tote).

De Wilde drew inspiration from the concept of daydreaming:

“I loved the idea of our hero visiting so many different worlds every day and dreaming up fantastic lives for the people he encounters … I have long had a romance with the art of letter writing and collecting vintage stamps, so that and my fixation with uniforms made it all click.”

Watch the first 3 videos below!

Watch Parts 4 & 5 right here

You can also head onto Prada’s dedicated Postman Dreams site