Prada x James Jean for Resort 2018: The "Bunny Collection"
19 January 2018

Prada x James Jean for Resort 2018: The “Bunny Collection”

Most of you already know about my flamingo obsession, but my other favourite animal the bunny! So, you can imagine how stoked I was when I saw this collection on the Prada Resort 2018 runway. I couldn’t wait for it to land in stores, and now that it has, I hoppity-hopped over to the boutique a visit. I mean, how could I not? Besides, I’m a sucker for most things that come with illustrations so yea, yet another reason for me to do so.

You probably already caught a glimpse of this (in the form of a wallet) in the brand’s The Postman’s Gifts video for the Holidays. Some of you also actually emailed me asking for more deets  when you spotted these bunnies in Prada’s store windows. So today, I introduce you to the James Jean Collection for Resort 2018, a.k.a. the “bunny collection”. These little fluffy cotton-tailed cuties are a result of a collaboration between Prada and the Taiwanese-American artist. Oh, and if you thought this collection pieces is reminiscent of Prada’s fairytale collection from Spring/Summer 2008, that’s because they’re actually by the same artist. Like their first collaboration, this current one is quite extensive, with Ready-to-Wear pieces, leather goods (read: bags), SLGs, accessories, and iPhone covers.

Prada James Jean Resort Collection Rabbit Packshot Prada James Jean Resort Collection Cahier Bag WOC Prada James Jean Resort Collection Wallets SLGs

In terms of accessories, there’s an adorable leather bracelet in the shape of a pair of rabbits, which I absolutely love, but let’s focus on the bags and SLGs. Some of my favourites from the collection are the bowler-styled handbags available in 2 sizes, the “Cahier” (which you would probably remember as the one that looks like mystical spellbooks when it was first debuted), and the super lightweight “Etiquette” bag.

Prada James Jean Resort Collection Etiquette Bags Crossbody Prada James Jean Resort Collection Etiquette Bags

If you’re one who loves the illustrations and would like to own something from the collection, but finds the bags too fun for the office, perhaps an iPhone cover would do the trick. Or, you could also opt for the SLGs, which range from card cases, or even the long wallets, which come in both the zip-around style, and the or the classic flap style. I personally prefer the pink bunnies, but if it isn’t your kinda thing, the bunnies also come in mint (shown above).

Images courtesy of Prada