Part 5: Harmony of Elements - Bottega Veneta's Knot
29 July 2014

Part 5: Harmony of Elements – Bottega Veneta’s Knot

Today, the final part of Bottega Veneta’s “When Initials Are Not Enough: The Knot” sneak peek series.

As Creative Director Tomas Maier says, “The Knot is one of Bottega Veneta’s signature pieces, offered each season in limited editions and quantities that make it a collector’s item, while always maintaining its iconic shape. Recognised and collected for its unique design, unrivalled quality and individual style, the Knot is a symbol of the company’s past as well as its future. For me personally, it is a continuous opportunity for a special kind of creative exploration”

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This concludes the 5-part series! I Hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering the Knot with me on Bag Addicts Anonymous!

A Major Thank You to the Bottega Veneta team for picking Bag Addicts Anonymous as your only  digital partner for this project in Malaysia 😉