Newsflash: Balenciaga Exclusive Bags for USA
14 April 2012

Newsflash: Balenciaga Exclusive Bags for USA

For my readers in the US, listen up, cos you’re in for a treat! Balenciaga has these USA-only exclusives, which means that they’re only available in the US! Sure you can buy them online if you want, but the downside is they’ll only ship it to a valid US address, so if you’re not from the US but have friends living there, then that works too!

Called Balenciaga City Sparkle because they’re well, shiny because of the metallic leather, it’s available in 2 colours: Sparkle Pale Rose and Sparkle Bronze.

Given that it’s metallic leather, I think I’ll pass as metallic leather tends to “tarnish” and end up looking patchy after awhile, especially when rubbed against clothing. But if you’re interested, it’s Available via Balenciaga’s US Store Online  for $1,545 each.

Image via @Balenciaga’s Twitter Feed