New Beaded Fendi Baguettes!
15 November 2012

New Beaded Fendi Baguettes!

Fendi has some new additions to the iconic Baguette collection for the festive season! But before I introduce you to the latest beaded Baguettes, here’s some Fendi trivia for you. Do you know that it was intentionally designed with a short shoulder strap (which is detachable so you can wear it as a clutch too!) because it was meant to rest below your underarms because that’s how the French carry their Baguettes (the bread) around! ;D

First up, the Stobal Embroidery beaded Baguette, which features fringe-like bead details arranged in a chevron pattern dangling from both the flap and the bottom of the bag retails at RM 16,010

Geometric Beaded Baguette, RM 14,140

Both the Geometric Beaded Baguette (above) and the Splashball Baguette (below) feature the same chequered leather trims attached to the clasp as the Limited Edition canvas Geometrica Baguette  that was launched to celebrate the Baguette Online pop-up store. While the Geometric beaded Baguette is pretty self-explanatory, the Splashball one below is a tad too kitschy, reminding me of the tie-dye motifs from the ’60s-’70s Hippie disco era.

Splashball Beaded Baguette, RM 13,860

Images courtesy of Fendi