New Addition to Tods Pashmy Range
4 November 2009

New Addition to Tods Pashmy Range

The “Pashmy” range by Tod’s is known for its 2 elements

  • it is made of nylon with a super-silky feel to it
  • its exposed exterior zippered pocket

Called the “Smile Shopping Piatta G” (pictured above), it is the latest addition to the ever-growing Pashmy range as part of Tod’s F/W 2009 collection. Made of bronzy copper-esque nylon with some room for expansion (similar to the “Luna” from the same Pashmy range) via the zipper that begins at the side and goes all the way around the bottom back up to the other side of the bag. One of the plus points of this bag is that not only does the way in which the handles are attached to the bag look classy, but these sorts of handles are also very comfortable on the shoulder.
However, the downside to this bag is that because of its silky smooth nylon texture (unlike the coarser fabrics like Prada and the more affordable LeSportsac), it scrapes and snags easily, especially for the lady who wears lots of accessories. And believe me when I say this, because I’m speaking from personal experience…

Get this Tods Pashmy “Smile Shopping Piatta G” via Bergdorf Goodman for $895