My Favourite Picks from Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012
22 January 2012

My Favourite Picks from Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012

When I was in Hong Kong last week, I was lucky to preview some of the Spring/Summer 2012 items which were already in stores, and the Brighton happened to be one of them.

While I didn’t get to see this colour, or this style with the long chain link strap, I managed to see the same bag (but a different colour — imagine fuchsia where the light purple currently is while the other colours remain the same) but with a leather shoulder strap. Not only was I in love with it, but so was my mum. And if you’re wondering whether I actually bought the bag, well, I didn’t because of my not so horizontal shoulders. Some of you might remember me complaining about this problem; that bags just can’t stay put on my shoulder whether it be rolled handles or flat handles. So yes, woe is me — this was one of the times when I really wished that the bag could stay on my shoulder. Pftt. If I remember correctly, it came up to RM 6,000+ after conversion (points to the python closure in the middle, yes the one in metallic silver).  Anyway, while the fuchsia version that I saw with the leather handle is very neon (the hottest pink you can imagine – but hey, neons are in!) – and some might shy away from the neon + Metallic python combo – this pastel colour combo below might be a “safer” and less “in-your-face” option because at least only the sides are in fuchsia.


Next up, the Classic Exotic Wellington. You probably can’t really see from the photo, but the pale pink bits which make up most of the bag are indeed made of python. Totally sweet and feminine this one.

Classic Exotic

This colour combo of Red + Taupe is a very interesting one, even for someone like me who isn’t at all a fan of red. Okay I’m going to go slightly off topic here, but since Chinese New Year is approaching, I thought you should know that I NEVER and I REFUSE to wear red during this festive season, opting instead for Fuchsia, Bright Orange, Neon Yellow, or Green. Yes, can you tell I love my colours?  Anyway, I digress.. back to the Venetia. The vibrant red offsets the more muted earthy taupe and gives it a much needed pop, just like the Red Cherry on top of the cake. Notice how if it were to be in blue (shown below, and just try to picture it without the quilting), it sort of blends together and doesn’t pop as much as this Taupe + Red one.

Colour Block Venetia in Taupe — also available in Blue (minus the quilting) shown below

And the Quilting version of the Venetia.

Quilting Venetia — It’s also available in the same colour combo above

I don’t know about you, but I prefer the clean lines of the Colour Block Venetia sans quilting.  What say you?

Images courtesy of Marc Jacobs