My Favourite Picks from Kate Spade's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
24 April 2012

My Favourite Picks from Kate Spade’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

If there’s a collection that announces the arrival of the Spring/Summer season, it’s definitely Kate Spade. Cute, quirky and yet feminine chic are probably the words that sum up the SS12 collection.

Here are my favourite picks from Kate Spade’s SS12:

Perfect for a casual day out, picnic in the park or even a lunch date, the Ivory Coast Tote should be paired with a sundress and natural sun-kissed “barely-there” makeup for that girly vibe. The tote may be simple, but I’m really falling for the flower that’s attached to the bag. Perhaps that’s why I picked this. Yes, apart from bows and studs, I love oversized flowers too. ha!

The Ivory Coast Tate, RM 1,300

The Tiki Bar Cocktail Clutch just about sums it up in its name. Your companion for beach parties and cocktail dos. I’m a sucker for illustrations like these, and the monochromatic hues make the pineapple clasp stand out even more! Too cute for words, methinks. Top marks for quirky appeal! Who says cocktails gotta be all classy and serious? You can wear your personality on your clutch and be glamorous at the same time! 😉 My favourite out of the whole bunch!

Tiki Bar Cocktail Clutch RM 1,590

Last but certainly not least, the “Little Marga” and “Marga” framed bags. Sure the silhouette with the frame top might be common, but the colour combos just make the bag pop in all the right places. Super fun shades to play with and to spice up that wardrobe!

Zuma Beach Little Marga in “Flame”, RM 1,300
Zuma Beach Marga in Chino RM 1,730

Now which is YOUR favourite?

Images courtesy of Kate Spade