My Favourite Picks from Fendi's Pre- Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
27 January 2012

My Favourite Picks from Fendi’s Pre- Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

I had a tough time picking my favorites from Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, but it came down to these:

But before I begin, let’s just say that I’ve looked through the entire Spring/Summer 2012 collection in the press kit, and there seems to be a lot of perforated bags, as well as beaded ones this Spring/Summer 2012!

Now, on to my FAVES of the season!

Perforated Tote SGD 905
Forever Radica Big Mama SGD 1660
Peekaboo in Beaded Pequin & Saddle Soft Leather SGD 6920

Peekaboo Pequin SGD 6085

Peekaboo Python SGD 8185

Some of you might be surprised that I picked this out because I’m not a fan of monogrammed bags, but I just love the multicolored lines, or rather, as Fendi terms it, “Technicolour”

Roll Bag Technicolour SGD 1240
Silvana Croco SGD 10,695

Loving the colours on this Silvana, but you have to be careful when carrying anything in wicker (or even if you’re sitting on wicker chairs) because it might tend to snag your clothes!

Silvana Croco & Wicker SGD 12,585

And now, on to the SLGs..

Technicolour Pochette (also available in black) SGD 550

Don’t you just love the colours on the Chameleon and Selleria versions of this Purse?
Note: although it isn’t specified in the press kit, I’m guessing these are key purses

Chameleon purse SGD 340
Selleria Pouch SGD 415

Images Courtesy of Fendi