My Favourite Cambridge Satchels & Batchels
22 August 2012

My Favourite Cambridge Satchels & Batchels

Since I got my Limited Edition Pastel Lilac 13″ Cambridge Satchel, I’ve been wearing it non-stop not only because I’m absolutely in love with it, but also because I get compliments whenever I use it, whether as a clutch or on the shoulder.  My Cambridge Satchel blog posts, too, were by far the most popular. In fact, I was contemplating getting another in yet another colour, so I was checking out ASOS for their exclusive Cambridge Satchels that can only be purchased on the site and not even the official site! And once they’re sold out on ASOS, they won’t be restocked, so they’re actually Limited Editions, even though they’re not labelled as such! ;D

And here are 4 of my favourite bags that I’ve scoped out from ASOS x Cambridge Satchel Company!

White is such a hassle to maintain, because not only will it dirty and yellow with age (especially in our tropical climate!) but yet I’m thinking of getting this contrast 13″ satchel with the black trims. While a friend commented that it reminded her of a penguin, I think of Oxfords (the shoes!) instead. Plus £110 (approx. RM 546.22) for leather, is quite alright to play around with. Oh and here’s a style tip for you: If you apply a layer of water repellent for leather onto the surface, it’s not only slightly water resistant so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting it drenched in the rain, but also makes it harder to get dirt on!

ASOS Exclusive 13" Contrast Trim Cambridge Satchel, GBP110 Black and white
ASOS Exclusive 13″ Contrast Trim Cambridge Satchel, GBP110

Okay, so I know this next one is practically the same 13″ satchel,  just in a different colour. I guess the black and green combo isn’t as bold compared to the black and white version above, but still just as fabulous. Get it here for  £110 (approx. RM 546.22)

ASOS Exclusive 13" Contrast Trim Cambridge Satchel GBP 110 Black and Green
ASOS Exclusive 13″ Contrast Trim Cambridge Satchel GBP 110

Next up, the batchels. I don’t know why but ASOS seems to also have labelled them as satchels, but this style that comes with the top handle is actually what the Cambridge Satchel Company has called the “batchel”. The top handle is actually quite handy, especially when you don’t want to carry it on the shoulder or cross-body style, and it looks more business-y too when you carry it by the handle. ;D

Although I’m not at all a fan of tartan, I’m not a fan of black bags either. But somehow, these 2 just go together. It’s also available in other colours, but I found the black most palatable. It’s a safe choice, yet still fun and a little unexpected with the tartan pocket. And while satchels are more feminine, the batchels are way more unisex, especially the 15″ ones that I’ve picked out.

ASOS Exclusive 15" Batchel with Tartan Pocket GBP 130 Cambridge Satchel
ASOS Exclusive 15″ Batchel with Tartan Pocket GBP 130 (approx. RM 645.54) 

While The 15″ Batchel with Tartan Pocket (above) is a little more fun and casual, this next 15″ Batchel with mock croc effect embossed leather exudes a different vibe altogether: one of class and seriousness. Perfect for work and business meetings, this handsome batchel – yes, I said handsome because it’s rather masculine and more suitable for the guy – definitely doesn’t lack in the snob appeal department. So if you’re looking for an expensive looking bag that doesn’t require you to break the bank, then this is it. And guess, what, at  £125 (approx. RM 620.72) it’s cheaper than the tartan one!

Take your pick. Which shall be yours?

Note: ASOS Asia delivers to Malaysia for Free!