My Favourite Bags from Valentino Fall/Winter 2012-13
30 July 2012

My Favourite Bags from Valentino Fall/Winter 2012-13

Valentino remains one of my all-time favourite brands because of their studs and bows. However Fall/Winter 2012-13 seems to be devoid of bows, or at least, on their bags anyway, but studs are aplenty!

So here we go, I’ve curated my favourite bags from Valentino’s FW 12-13 collection. ;D

First up, this top handle Rockstud bag. Now, the general style of this bag would normally be considered a more mature or vintage-esque kind of shape. Throw in some studs, and we have here a completely different vibe: the bag has been transformed into something current, Rocker Chic, and edgy, even. The other leopard print pony version with the studded details is fierce, and Femme fatale even.

This taller tote style is one of the newer shapes for the Maison, and probably one of the ones I love the best from the FW 12-13 collection, and a friend of mine who’s reading this (you know who you are!) will probably say that I like it because it has ‘wings’. Lol. I never actually realised this (subconscious/unconscious, much?), but when we were talking, she brought up all the bags I like or am lusting over, all have one thing in common: the flared-out sides, which she referred to as ‘wings’. And here I am imagining it without the side flaps, and yup, I wouldn’t have liked it as much without ’em.

For these next 2 bags, despite the stud details, they  have Lady Chic written on them. And studs or none, they are still office-friendly, Corporate Chic.. but perhaps the top handle version more than the green shoulder version.

One of Valentino’s classic shapes, this season, it’s available in Nude. Loving how the curved line on top adds a touch of femininity.

Also a new style for FW12-13, this tote would make a great shopper, especially with the longer straps that would make it comfortable when slung on the shoulder. But for me, because I’m not at all a shoulder bag kinda gal (yes, courtesy of my sloping shoulders, boohoo!) I’d prefer it if the straps weren’t so long so that I could tote it in my arm or even maybe use it as a document bag for the office. The middle vertical strap detail really makes the bag unique and less like any other studded tote out there, and the blush pink is divine!

And now, the evening collection.

I literally thought I had died and gone to bag heaven when I first laid my eyes upon this beaded clutch with bejewelled flower details… ‘Nuff said.

It’s not very often that one finds an evening bag in this shape, making it a one-of-a-kind find. And although there aren’t any bows to be found, it’s really cute how that crystallised detail on top takes the silhouette of a bow.

Now, I’ve shown you my favourites from this collection. Did you find YOUR favourite here?

Images courtesy of Valentino