Loewe's Mini Elephant Bag in Waterlily Calfskin
8 June 2020

Loewe’s Mini Elephant Bag in Waterlily Calfskin

Ever since Loewe introduced the Mini Elephant crossbody bags years ago, they’ve become a hot favourite not just for teens and adolescents as you would think, but also for editors, influencers, celebrities, and well, virtually everyone. This little elephant right here, has charmed its way into all our hearts, and has become one of the Maison’s staples, as we see this cutie being dressed up in different leathers and prints, each season.

Launched as part of Paula’s Ibiza 2020 collection, this elephant right here is also for a good cause, because Loewe will be donating €40 to educational projects from the sale of each piece from the collection between May and August 2020 in Loewe stores and on its official website, along with an initial donation of €500,000.

The Spring/Summer 2020 edition of this elephant is definitely my favourite out of all the iterations it has come in, over the years. This waterlily calfskin print in a combination of salmon, pink, fuchsia, lilac, yellow, orange and turquoise, just hits the right spot, exuding a positive vibe like a ray of sunshine in such trying times during the pandemic. I don’t know about you, but this elephant sure gives me a whole lotta joy when I look at it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for things like these.


Image courtesy of Loewe