18 May 2018

Furla x Hello Kitty Capsule Collection

Although I was quite enamoured with the Sanrio universe and its plethora of characters when I was a child, I never quite saw the appeal of Hello Kitty. Instead, I preferred her other friends, Pochacco, Kerokerokeroppi, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Marron Cream. and other non-Sanrio characters like Forever Friends. But, not everyone is me, and I know that many of you, my dear readers, are massive Hello Kitty fans. In fact, this little feline is probably the most favoured Sanrio character in comparison to the others, hence the sprouting of Hello Kitty paraphernalia, cafes, and even an entire amusement/theme park devoted to her. Countless collaborations, ranging from sportswear labels (Vans and PUMA), McDonalds toys, even Baby-G watches, are a further testament to her global appeal.

Furla x Hello Kitty Limited edition Capsule Collection

Adding to this list of collaborations, is the Furla x Hello Kitty Limited Edition Capsule Collection, comprising SLGs including card holders, key fobs cum charms, pouches, and mini cosmetic bags, as well as Furla’s signature Metropolis bag.

The brand’s iconic mini crossbody bag comes a total of 3 prints, in red, blue, or pink, each of which depicts Hello Kitty surrounded by different type of flowers. The showstopping piece, and the one most Hello Kitty fans would be lusting after, definitely has to be the one with the three dimensional ears and pink bow, which even a non-Hello Kitty fan myself, admittedly, finds rather adorable.

Furla x Hello Kitty Limited Edition Capsule

This is little darling piece is also available in the My Play Furla flapso if you already have a Metropolis, all you need to do is get the flap on its own. If you don’t have one of these bags, and would prefer it if it wasn’t in all white, or have concerns about dirtying this precious little bag, you also have the option of purchasing the “body”, which comes in both black and white, separately (see pic below). Personally though, it looks much better entirely in white.

This Furla x Hello Kitty Limited Edition Capsule is already in stores, so if you want to get your hands on anything, you’d better hurry because, with the number of fans this little kitty cat has, it’s definitely gonna be a sellout collection.


Images via Furla