FENDI's Lunar New Year Capsule Collection
9 February 2018

FENDI’s Lunar New Year Capsule Collection

FENDI has released a special Capsule Collection in celebration of Chinese New Year.  The capsule comprises a scallop-edged Kan I and Mini Kan I bag in cream and red leather with embroidered flowers and studs that form a double bow, and in red with studs in several shades of pink, respectively. If you like something even more luxe, there’s the Kan I in red leather with a cream-coloured snakeskin flap adorned with mini daisies.

Of course, no FENDI capsule is complete without a Bag Bugs charm, or, rather, what most of us refer to as a “Fendi Monster”. A special limited edition charm was created in red, purple, and pink fur, along with a Teen Witches charm in white rabbit fur with metal links, and F is FENDI logo eyes (Fendi-speak for the new diagonally inverted F logo encased in a circle).

Now, check out the animated video below, for more Chinese New Year offerings.

Image and video courtesy of FENDI