Fendi Spring/Summer 15: The Micro Bags
23 March 2015

Fendi Spring/Summer 15: The Micro Bags

Of course, for Spring/Summer 15, the Orchid is the main inspiration for the runway collection this season. Since we’re all familiar with that (plus, you’ve already seen the SS15 runway bags),  let’s talk about the other focus of the season: the Micro bags, which, I had mentioned in the review (linked above. Now lets have a look at the downsized iconic Baguette and Peekaboo bags!

Leather Micro Baguette, RM3,810 (available in other colours)


Micro Peekaboo, RM 5,420
Available in various other colours


Rhinestone Micro Peekaboo, RM11,900


Micro Bag Bugs Baguette, RM 5,420



Mini By The Way with croc-tail and crystals, RM8,310
Click here for detailed closeup of the crystal tail


Mini By The Way with Croc Tail and Crystals, RM8,310
Also available in other colours

My fave would definitely have to be the Mini BTW with the crystals! LOVE! Loved them ever since I saw them come down the runway, and I want them even more now!  Have you found a favourite? Or are you not really a fan of mini bags?

Images courtesy of Fendi