Chloé's C Leather Mini Crossbody Bag
5 April 2019

Chloé’s C Leather Mini Crossbody Bag

There’s certainly been some divided opinions on Chloé‘s new bags. I have to admit, that when I saw them come down the Spring/Summer 19 runway in September, I wasn’t a fan. I’ve alway’s loved Chloé bags because of their chunky hardware – I mean, yep, remember the one with the huge padlock that weighed a tonne? Yep, I was a hardcore Paddington fan back in the day. And then came the Paraty, which I was also a massive fan of, and more recently the Drew, Faye, and Tess bags with the distinctive circular clasp with chain detail were also favourites for many others. So, as someone who was used to the chunky hardware, I was hesitant because the new logo “C” clasp, seemed a bit lacklustre.

Chloé C Leather Clutch Embossed Alligator on Leather

But, when I started seeing this in stores, instead of “blah”, I now felt that it exudes a minimalist chic kinda vibe. The C Bag definitely grew on me, to the point that I actually am currently contemplating getting this version, which I prefer to the larger shoulder styles, or the square shoulder bag style. This “clutch with chain” style right here, would be around the same size as a wallet on chain, though not really a WOC, as such due to its single main compartment, with only a leather patch pocket on its interior. The combination of the gold, and the suede bit on the mostly leather exterior, are major factors that contribute to its elegance. This is definitely one of the more understated, yet timeless Chloé bags that the Maison has come up with, in a long time. Love.


Images: Chloé

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