#PFW: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013
4 October 2012

#PFW: Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

Chanel invitations always provided a clue to the theme for the runway show. The simple blue checked Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 invitation had everyone wondering what was in store for them. None of actually guessed. It was only upon arrival at the show venue and seeing the massive wind vanes – you know, the windmill-like turbines that are erected at wind farms which are a source of renewable energy – that it became apparent. Karl was going for the environmentally-friendly theme this season, and the blue checks on the invite? It then became obvious that it was actually a “solar panel”, which also was the pattern on the runway.

This season, the runway was a rather conventional strip, unlike the past seasons, and most notably, the memorable sandy and curvy Fall/Winter 2012 runway with stalagmites and stalactites.

The Verdict: I was quite surprised that so few bags were sent down Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2013 runway. In fact, I’m really not a fan of the quilted clutches or the small colourblocked classic flap bag. What I did like though, were the clutches hard-cased box clutches that somewhat resembled lego blocks, or well, in that size, more like, Duplo (Lego for toddlers). And then, came this…

Image via @chiaraferragni Instagram

The bag that set the twitterworld on fire.
While it looks super cool and not like anything we’ve ever seen before, but this giant flap bag on a double hula hoop really doesn’t look at all comfortable, especially on the shoulder. Seriously though, I don’t know what Karl was thinking. Novelty factor? Certainly. But apart from that, I really don’t get it. Since it was seen on a model in a swimsuit, I’m guessing that the intention was that it was to be a beach bag. But, erm, for the beach? I’m really not so sure.

Images via Style.com