MCM's Robot Clutches
24 August 2015

MCM’s Robot Clutches

All of you know by now that I’m quite a fan of quirky bags (well, within reason, haha), and today, I have just that, and it’s something to chase the Monday blues away! I mean, I first saw them awhile back on MCM’s official Instagram account, but I’d somehow just forgotten about it, and over the weekend, while I was scrolling through the images on my phone, lo and behold, there it was! And then that led to trawling the Internet to find stockists that had this cute robot clutch.

Made of acrylic, the robot minaudière, named Roboter (inspired by Terminator perhaps, because well,  the”tor” in Terminator, and “ter” sound awfully alike don’t they?), comes with a gold logo plaque and a magnetic closure with a snake-chain shoulder strap that can be tucked away inside should you choose to use it as a clutch instead of letting it dangle from your shoulder. Oh and the highlight of it all? It has Swarovski crystals for eyes, possibly so that they don’t look dead and soulless when their eyes catch the light 😉  Though I prefer the red one, I couldn’t seem to locate it. I did, however, manage to hunt down 2 colours online:  Silver and Black. Hit the links for a closer look!

Image via MCM