Louis Vuitton's "Drink-It" Bag
7 September 2018

Louis Vuitton’s “Drink-It” Bag

When I first saw this showstopping blinged out soda can minaudière on Louis Vuitton‘s Fall/Winter 18 runway during Paris Fashion Week, I thought to myself, hmm… are they going down the Judith Leiber route? And now, we finally get a closer look at this bedazzled LV-branded soda can bag known as the Drink-It, which is Vuitton’s fanciest and blingiest (yes I totally just made that word up) minaudière by far.

Louis Vuitton Drink It Bag

Covered completely in Swarovski® crystals the bag can be opened and closed via the S-lock clasp instead of the top of the can in true soda can fashion. Apart from being lined completely in calfskin on the inside, it’s just slightly larger than an actual drinks can. Oh, and that rope-like cord you see there coiled on top of the can that seems to be attached to the can via a jack of sorts? Well, that’s actually a long calf leather strap that you can loop through your wrist so that you don’t accidentally drop or leave your precious can somewhere.

Louis Vuitton Drink It Soda Can Minaudière FW18 Runway

This unique minaudière is only available upon special order basis, and wouldn’t be available in-store. Oh and if you’re wondering how much it costs, let’s just say that the ballpark figure is upwards of MYR 80,000. Yep, you read that right.


Images: Louis Vuitton