Kate Spade New York's Pineapple Bag
26 June 2018

Kate Spade New York’s Pineapple Bag

Ah, nothing says summer like a whiff of the tropics, and Kate Spade New York delivers just this with this Pineapple BagWhile I may be a flamingo-obsessed person, I know that there are many of you who are equally in love with anything that has a pineapple theme. Come to think of it, I actually have more friends into pineapples than flamingos and unicorns. What’s that you say? More pineapple lovers than unicorn ones? Yep, #truestory, well, at least when it comes to my bunch of friends.

Perhaps I’m slightly traumatised and well, “prickly” at the mere sight of one because it used to make my tongue itch like crazy when I was a child even after rubbing it all over with salt), I have to admit that the design team at Kate Spade really did this pineapple justice with great attention to detail. Its three-dimensional cylindrical-esque shape, the pinecone-like skin complete with gold studs for those spots on the exterior, and most impressive of all, the crowning glory and my favourite part of this bag – the spiny leaves. Super cute, but the only downside is that it’s slightly on the heavy side when slung on the arm. Other than that, I really do appreciate the way in which this was constructed.

Though I’m not a fan of this particular tropical fruit, it really conjures up those beachy vibes, don’t you think?


Image courtesy of Kate Spade New York