Chanel Birdcage Minaudière
28 August 2020

Chanel Birdcage Minaudière

Yep, even without Karl, the folks at Chanel still manage to come up with something whimsical. This Birdcage Minaudière from the Métiers d’Art 2020 collection has a pair of lovebirds perched front and centre of this golden three-dimensional evening bag with Chanel’s signature leather-interlaced chain for a wrist strap, and gold studs as protective feet. You’d also find rhinestones going all around the top, and with an additional 2 rows of them encircling the bottom, with oval-shaped enamelled robin’s egg blue discs with gold flecks (bird’s eggs perhaps?) Like a birdcage, there’s the double C logo latch on top, between the rhinestones which you lift, to open the bag.

Chanel Birdcage Minaudiere Pouch Removed

And of course, since it’s a birdcage, there’s no way it can hold your stuff without falling through, hence the black suede pouch with a metallic gold interior (it also comes in another variation with a tan coloured suede pouch with metallic gold lambskin interior, but in that colour, everything just blends together) with golden rope-like drawstring detail that’s secured by a pearl bead, for your belongings. Of course, the birdcage looks way better when the pouch is removed, like so, which would look great if you’re planning to use this as a decorative piece as part of your collection. I mean, Chanel’s minaudiéres have always been works of art in themselves, that come with a hefty price tag as they stood, so you should definitely put them on display in your cabinets even when when you’re not toting them around at glitzy parties, don’t you agree? 😉


Images via Chanel