FENDI Debuts New Mini Size and Solid Colours For the "Flip"
18 April 2019

FENDI Debuts New Mini Size and Solid Colours For the “Flip”


The convertible tote to messenger FENDI Flip made its debut in the Resort 2019 collection. Made of buttery soft leather, the Flip camel in 2 sizes (small and regular), in tricolour variations. I’m personally a huge fan of colour-blocking be it on clothes or bags, but I do understand that this may not be for everyone. In fact, I know that a lot more of you prefer solid colours or tone-on-tone versions, especially when it comes to bags. So, if this is you, then you’d be delighted to know that the folks at FENDI heard your prayers.

For the Spring/Summer 19 edition, the FENDI Flip now comes in plain leather versions, in neutral colourways such as black, white, and camel, and brighter hues such as orange and pink. Also new for the season, is the mini size, in addition to the existing small and regular sizes. But, no matter which size you pick, they all come with 2 shoulder straps: one in plain leather, and the other, with the all-over FF logo, for you to change things up a little so it doesn’t get too boring 😉


Images courtesy of FENDI