MerciMyBag: The App Every Bag Addict Needs
19 October 2016

MerciMyBag: The App Every Bag Addict Needs

Hello lovelies, I really love Instagram because it really is a community in the truest sense of the word, and along the way, we get to meet many friends who support and love the same things as we do. In my case, it’s luxury handbags (duh! haha) and my dear Italian-French friend whom I “met” via Instagram,  has just launched this bag app called Merci My Bag, which serves as a platform for you to share, discover, and shop handbags priced anywhere between US$10 to US$10,000 and above. And if your mind is going there, nope, this is NOT a sponsored post.

The search function allows you to filter your search by colour, brand, or price. What’s better,  is that your search results all lead you to immediately shoppable pages from Net-a-Porter and other such e-tailers, giving you access to one that offers you the best price! 😉 What you’d probably love the most (I know I do!) is that you can select your currency, and all prices will appear in your very own country’s currency!

Because it’s also a social platform, you can also Like, Follow, Comment, and Share your favourite finds!

This app is certainly a bag addicts dream! Download the app right here  and don’t forget to follow me @bagaddictsanon. See you there!! 😉

Images courtesy of Mercimybag