Marc Jacobs x Julie Verhoeven Capsule Collection
3 April 2017

Marc Jacobs x Julie Verhoeven Capsule Collection

Having collaborated with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Versace, and Peter Jensen, British illustrator Julie Verhoeven  is no stranger to the designer fashion scene. This Spring, she partners with Marc Jacobs for the second time. The special capsule collection, Called We Are Beautiful, sees her quirky illustrations as embroidered patches on bags, small leather goods, shoes, and ready-to-wear.

But let’s talk about the bags: The Verhoeven bags comprise a wide selection of backpacks, totes, the Nomad Saddle bag, and many others with motifs that are hippie-dippy, hallucinogenic psychedelia infused. And to give you an idea of just how crazy and “out-there” these are, well how about a stoned frog with someone’s fingertip in its mouth, or happy pills, toadstools (drug references perhaps?), along with “saner” motifs like a manicured finger pressing on an aerosol can, an eclipse, and a rocket about to lift off. Whatever it is, Verhoeven’s zany art definitely gives the bags a whole lotta street cred.

For a closer look at the entire collection, head on over to Marc Jacobs

Images via Marc Jacobs on Twitter