Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag
17 July 2017

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag

Although I didn’t like the direction in which Marc Jacobs was (and is) heading when he merged both the Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs lines several seasons ago, I actually did like the “Snapshot” camera bag that he introduced because I somehow felt that the design was closer to his higher-end MJ bags that he used to do, compared to the other bags in the collection. And while it may be quite a small bag, the look certainly more than makes up for it.  But, while it may be a bag that certainly looks good, there was a huge downside to this bag (well, for me anyway) because it’s really heavy. Since it comes in both sizes (small and regular), I thought okay, maybe I’d try the small-sized one on, man, it was still heavy for me. Imagine how much heavier it would be if you had your stuff in it…

I guess it had been so long since I actually picked up a Marc Jacobs bag, that I’d momentarily forgotten how heavy they usually (though not always, but more often than not,) are.  For such a small bag, I guess I just didn’t expect it to be as heavy, because I’ve tried on bags which also are structured and sturdy like the Snapshot, but didn’t weigh quite as much.

I know some of you don’t mind heavier bags, especially if you find them stylish, so if you like it, here you go, clicky click , because it comes a pretty shade too! 😉

Image via Marc Jacobs