Video: Bottega Veneta's Travel Film Directed by Christian Weber
15 April 2011

Video: Bottega Veneta’s Travel Film Directed by Christian Weber

Bottega Veneta has collaborated with New York-based photographer and director Christian Weber to create a short film with a travel theme, devoted entirely to its travel line of accessories and luggage. Titled Viaggio Notturno, the short film is part of Bottega Veneta’s luxury travel digital campaign for the brand.


The film centres around a man and a woman, in a luxe hotel suite, and its interpretation is left entirely up to the viewer.


The film was shot in NYC in February 2011, with an original score composed by Texas-based instrumental ensemble Balmorhea.

When commenting about the intention behind the making of this film, BV’s Creative Director Tomas Maier said that he “wanted to show not just the practical side of travel – the luggage, the eye mask – but also what is surreal, romantic, and potentially transformative about a voyage … [which allows] each of us to project our own imaginations onto the story”.