RIMOWA's Special Edition Original Camouflage Cabin Luggage
15 March 2021

RIMOWA’s Special Edition Original Camouflage Cabin Luggage

RIMOWA has launched the  Special Edition Original Camouflage suitcase for the very first time, by utilising anodising and surface treatment techniques to lock in the colour, – a process which itself takes several hours – for that metallic sheen made from a combination of 3 different colours directly into the aluminium skin. What’s great about these colour combos, is that they aren’t your typical boring and overdone olive-khaki Camouflage type of colourway, but instead, come in 2 tasteful variations: the Original Cabin Green Camouflage in a combo of 2 shades of green, white, and silver, or the Original Cabin Pink Camouflage in  pink, blue, white, and champagne gold. Whichever of these colours you pick, it also comes with a matching anodised aluminium badge with the engraved RIMOWA logo and fitted with RIMOWA’s Multiwheel system.


Images courtesy of RIMOWA