RIMOWA Unveils New Designs
28 November 2018

RIMOWA Unveils New Designs

In line with its new visual identity, RIMOWA has rolled out (heh, see what I did there) its most significant changes to its signature aluminium luggage collection since the 1950s, and this means upgraded wheels, handles, and the interior.

Each new RIMOWA case is now made sturdier, and comes with an aluminium badge with the engraved RIMOWA logo, a new wheel design that incorporates the brand’s new monogram (because monogram is all the rage right now, innit?). And, speaking of monograms, the luggage’s interior lined in anthracite, also comes with the new monogram, now comes in anthracite with the new monogram.


The new product line includes four collections – the Original, Classic, Essential, and Hybrid – with 4 cabin sizes, two check-in sizes, and two trunk sizes. The Original Collection includes the iconic aluminium cases designed and engineered in Germany; the Classic Collection is the brand’s heritage range, and is a mix of traditional design and modern features. The Essential Collection is made up of 3 lightweight polycarbonate cases: the Essential, which is the world’s first ever polycarbonate suitcase ever to be designed and engineered in Germany; Essential Lite, also known as RIMOWA’s lightest suitcase, weighing 30% less than the Essential; and the Essential Sleeve, which is the brand’s business range which includes a front pocket for easy access. Finally, the Hybrid Collection, the most resilient of all, is a combination of the brand’s special aluminium-magnesium alloy with the lightweight quality of polycarbonate.

RIMOWA’s new visual identity perfectly encompasses the balance of iconic tradition with modern innovation. RIMOWA is known for its commitment to timeless craftsmanship and build-quality, and we are very proud to unveil this new design as we continue to improve our products and ensure a seamless and qualitative travel experience for all of our customers ~ RIMOWA CEO, Alexandre Arnault ~


Images courtesy of RIMOWA