Love it or Hate It!
28 October 2009

Love it or Hate It!

For Prada’s F/W collection this year, patterned Velvet (whether in leopard, Poppy or mistletoe-esque prints pictured below) seems to be the key theme of the season. But, I digress. Today’s Love It or Hate It post features Prada’s Velutto (which means “velvet” in Italian) Jacquard Tote which is part of Prada’s F/W 2009 collection.

The first thing about this bag that caught my eye was its striking colour combination and bold motif. When I took a closer look, it struck me that the shape and style on this bag, complete with flat briefcase-like handles, is actually meant to be a document bag (although you can still use it as a tote if you prefer). Very unconventional and a tad too loud for the workplace, don’t you think? Well, maybe except if you work in the fashion industry. Also, speaking from the perspective of it being a work/document bag, nylon isn’t really a wise choice. I mean, if you stuff this Prada chock-full with your work-related stuff, it loses its shape and tends to puff out at the sides, which gives it a rather sloppy look (as pictured above), don’t you think? Perhaps coated jacquard to give the bag a more semi-structured look (in the style of Gucci) might’ve been a wiser choice.

And, just don’t get me started on the print! I know that Christmas is just around the corner (hence the “mistletoe-like” velvet print), but perhaps the mistletoe motif is more suited for a festive Christmas table cloth instead of on a bag. This motif on the bag spells upholstery or carpet bag, no?

However, if you do fancy the bag, it retails for $1,450.00 via Saks or your nearest Prada store.

For those of you out there who are Malaysians and are interested in this, I haven’t seen this mistletoe motif one here, but the Poppy motif (red velvet on navy nylon) is available at Prada Pavilion.