Love It Or Hate It: Balenciaga's Triangle Duffel Bag
3 July 2017

Love It Or Hate It: Balenciaga’s Triangle Duffel Bag

Okay, I may be a Balenciaga fangirl but I really don’t understand why this Triangle Duffel is sold out almost everywhere. I mean, sure, it’s a novel shape because how many bags can we think of that has a triangular silhouette, and it may look passable when it lays on its side with the triangle sitting at a right angle, but I seriously don’t know why this is appealing. Can you imagine, if you sling this bag on your shoulder with the long strap, or even when you have it slung on your arm with the short handles, it seriously reminds me of the traditional Prada logo. Now, let me illustrate it with the photo below:

Image via Matches Fashion

I don’t know about you, but I find it really odd looking. Now imagine it on your arm? Who wants a bag with a pointy base? Plus, it really irks me that the handles aren’t collapsible when carried crossbody. I know some of you don’t mind if the handles are still standing upright when carried with a shoulder strap, but it kinda annoys me. I guess you could call it one of my pet peeves. But hey, I guess this is one of those bags that you either love or hate – there’s no in-between with this one.

So, for those of you disagree with me, and love the bag anyway, it’s available in 2 sizes, small and medium. It’s sold out almost everywhere, but is still available in Green, Black, and Baby Blue.

What are your thoughts on this bag? Do you love it, or hate it? I’d love to hear from you!