Louis Vuitton's "My LV World Tour" Personalisation Service
6 September 2017

Louis Vuitton’s “My LV World Tour” Personalisation Service

Louis Vuitton fans listen up!  “My LV World Tour” actually made its debut a couple of months ago, but since some of you, my dear readers, emailed me to ask me about it, I thought I might as well do a blogpost on this, because who doesn’t love a little personalisation so that your bags and accessories become uniquely yours, right?  🙂

We all knew that we could get your Vuitton Speedy bags painted over with a racing stripe and your initials for some years now, as well as get your initials hot-stamped in gold or silver foil onto your SLGs or bags,  but as of approximately 2 months ago, the Maison has expanded its personalisation service, to include a whole range of patches that you can add to your Vuitton monogram canvas bags (the Neverfull, Keepall, Speedy), Wallets (Zippy and Victorine), and the Horizon 55 rolling luggage.  The patches, classified into 5 different categories, each of which are clustered into groups of 12 per category): Hotels, Heritage, Cities, To Personalise (add your own initials and dates), and Pop. 

Grand Hotels
LV Heritage


Make It Your Own

Do note though, that if you happen to have any of the bags or SLGs I’ve just mentioned, unlike your luggage tags, you can’t just walk into the store and have the patches attached.  Instead, this needs to be pre-ordered with your patches of choice, because they have to be printed onto the coated canvas, before your bag is made. You can then have the option of selecting up to a maximum of 10 patches (with 5 on each the front and the back of your bag). With this in mind, be prepared to wait 8 weeks for your little personalised beauty.

Images via Louis Vuitton