Louis Vuitton's Cruise 2010 Collection
3 December 2009

Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2010 Collection

Presenting Louis Vuitton’s Cruise Collection for 2010

Sequinned Noe – 1600 Euros/ US$2490

Bulles GM (Large) – 1500 Euros/ US$ 2230
Bulles MM (Medium) – 1300 Euros/US$ 2020

Note that Both the Large and Medium are of the same design. Only difference is the size.

Bulles PM(Small) – 750 Euros/US$1170

Please note that all the “Bulles” are available either in Beige or Sable (Blue) as shown in the first pic at the top

Kali Clutch – US$1320

Images from Louis Vuitton Official Website