Louis Vuitton Red Epi Petite Malle
17 November 2014

Louis Vuitton Red Epi Petite Malle

I’m sure those of you who follow my Instagram or this blog would know that this Louis Vuitton Petite Malle bag is my FAVE bag of not just the season, but the entire year. And nope, I ain’t exaggerating when I said that. Though I’m not one who is a fan of small bags, but I just really love the concept of a miniature trunk. So, when I headed over to Louis Vuitton’s flagship store at Star Hill, I took the opportunity to play with this bag. You really should’ve seen me, because I was literally swooning over this Petite Malle in Red Epi: a piece right off the Fall/Winter 14 runway. 

The Petite Malle sports a diamond-shaped motif on its interior – a detail that was resurrected from the Vuitton archives as the travel trunks from back in the day had this very same pattern on the inside. The “x”s on the front of this Petite Malle, which, I’m sure, look like kisses, it’s actually yet another archival element which was the “stamp” or marking on all the travel trunks that belonged to one of Vuitton’s clients – a wealthy banker. 

I’ve always preferred pink to red –  I mean, I don’t even wear red for Chinese New Year – but somehow, this red Epi version is my favourite! Doesn’t it look so good on me? 😉 Although it comes with a long strap for shoulder/crossbody use, I much prefer it as a clutch! And oh, although those clasps look rather fiddly, and hard to open, let me tell you that apart from the huge centre one, the smaller side fastenings are for decorative purposes. All you’ve got to do is to pull the top of the bag (after undoing the middle clasp) in opposite directions to open the bag!

Gah, I just can’t wait to preview the slightly bulkier and more bubble-esque version of the Petite Malle! Love!

All images by Bag Addicts Anonymous