Loewe Launches 5 Nano Bags Collector's Gift Box
13 August 2021

Loewe Launches 5 Nano Bags Collector’s Gift Box

Loewe has launched a Limited Edition Collector’s Box Set containing 5 of their iconic handbags in teeny nano sizes that are housed in a wooden box handcrafted by Paulownia wood with a laser-engraved Anagram logo on the sliding lid. Crafted in Japan, the layout of the box is also inspired by the traditional kiribako boxes that Japanese use to present gifts or to keep trinkets in. And, because there are 5 bags, there are 5 different compartments, each of which  with a backing also in calfskin leather that match the colours of bags, i.e. the Nano Flamenco in Candy Pink, Nano Gate in Lagoon Blue, Nano Puzzle in Rosemary Green, Nano Hammock in Yellow, and the Nano Balloon in Primary Red. What a box of happy coloured bags, don’t you think?

Loewe Nano Balloon and Flamenco bags

These bags are then tied up with a pretty bow with a sanada-himo cord (a narrow, tightly-woven fabric used by samurais for binding their armour). Traditionally,  the colours on these cords are used as indicators of the respective clans and families to which these samurais belong. Over time, due to its functionality, the cord has been adapted for other purposes, especially in Japanese arts and crafts.

What a happy coloured box of bags this is, especially for the colour lovers!

If you’re interested to score one of these for yourselves, they’re available here for MYR 31,700 a pop.


Images and video courtesy of Loewe