Let's Do the Flamenco!
12 February 2012

Let’s Do the Flamenco!

Paso-doble, Fandango, Flamenco. Yes,  dances these may be but if you’re worried that I’m going to start rambling on about a Dancing With the Stars episode, rest assured, I’m not. Yes, this is a post about the Flamenco … but the Loewe version. You know the bag with the contrast coloured pom-poms? Yup, that’s the one. My favourite out to all the Loewe styles.

Photographed by Nigel Sharfan, Image courtesy of Loewe

For Spring/Summer 2012 the Flamenco welcomes another member to their family in a new size — a larger one measuring 36cm– new colours, as well as new materials. The 30cm and 36cm versions will be available in the classic soft nappa, as well as black grained calfskin, metallic candy and violet, and for the 30cm Flamencos, an exotic skin version in shiny candy-coloured polished crocodile and magenta ostrich skin.

Image courtesy of Loewe