Kate Spade's Dinosaur Crossbody Bags
11 January 2017

Kate Spade’s Dinosaur Crossbody Bags

Did I miss the memo about dinosaurs being a trend now? First there was Rexy, launched as part of Coach’s Fall/Winter 16/17 collection, and the brand’s soon-to-be mascot, with all the press that it’s getting,  and now there’s the T-Rex and Triceratops crossbody bags from Kate Spade, as part of their January collection. They are of a three-dimensional structure, with detachable gold chain crossbody straps that make them easily convertible into quirky clutches.

If you asked me to choose between these Kate Spade dinosaurs and the Coach ones, I’d probably pick this because the Coach ones look too Night at the Museum with the dinosaur carcass, and these ones come in lovely pastel colours, which kinda remind me of the dinosaur cartoon, The Land Before Time. That said, though, I’m generally not a fan of dinosaurs, even though these ones have studs.

Images courtesy of Kate Spade