Kate Spade New York Expands Personalisation Collection With "Make It Mine"
10 August 2017

Kate Spade New York Expands Personalisation Collection With “Make It Mine”

Kate Spade New York first offered their personalisation service with last year’s Holiday Collection, and due to its popularity, they’ve just launched the “Make It Mine” Capsule Collection, as part of the Fall 2017 collection. So what’s all this about?

Well, “Make It Mine” is all about convertible handbags, and in this case, the “Byrdie” crossbody bag. All you have to do is pick what is known as the “bare” bag in any colour of your choice, and then attach whichever flap that tickles your fancy.  I know you’re probably thinking what I was thinking when I saw these bags for the first time, so let’s now address the elephant in the room shall we? Yup, yessiree, they certainly remind us an awful lot of the Furla Metropolis bags, don’t they, in terms of the interchangeable flaps? Heh. There, I said it.

The Byrdie Crossbody Capsule Collection is available exclusively at Kate Spade New York boutiques in Pavilion, and The Gardens, for a limited time only. The Make It Mine bare Byrdie bags are going for RM1,680, with flaps ranging from RM280-480. 

Images and video courtesy of Kate Spade New York